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About Cals

I used to keep myself thin the American way – through unhealthy diets and killer workouts. I played college basketball, ran marathons, taught yoga, and even worked as a personal trainer to help pay for college and graduate school. Then I fell in love with a Korean boy and stopped working out. Now, all I do to maintain a healthy weight is eat Asian food as often as I can!

I’m not a doctor or a scientist, and I haven’t invented any crazy diet methods or techniques. All I do is eat as much Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese food as often as I can. If you’re looking for a way to lose weight or adopt a healthier lifestyle, I urge you to do the same!

About Hags

Born Korean, raised a Virginian, long addicted to fried chicken, barbecue and other Southern favorites. Then I moved to the Midwest for grad school and met Cals, who rekindled my love for Korean and Asian cooking.

Thanks for visiting!

-Callie and Hags



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4 thoughts on “About Us!

  1. Came across your blog today needing a dukpokki recipe.  Just made it and it came out perfect.  So thank you!  I’ve been living in Marseille, France for the last 5 months and I often get homesick, San Francisco and my mother’s kimchi.  My husband is French and even though I love French food, Korean food is still number one.  
    So good luck and keep on writing!


  2. Hi-I found your site while looking for a Doenjang recipe. Like Cals, I’ve also found a Korean man that I’m crazy about, so I’m learning to cook the foods he loves but misses from home. I will definitely keep checking back for more recipes! Thank you!

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