Review of Amy’s Organic Tom Kha Soup

Amy’s Organic Tom Kha Soup

Tom Kha is a spicy, coconut-based Thai soup. It’s a classic Thai soup with all the quintessential Thai flavors, but unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to make at home unless you have time for a lot of trial runs. We’ve attempted this soup at home a few times, but we were never able to produce anything close to what we’d get at our favorite Thai eateries. So, we were happy to stumble upon a can of Amy’s Organic Tom Kha at our local grocery store and picked up a few to try.

What did we think? It’s fabulous, especially considering it comes out of a can. The creamy flavor is fantastic, and it highlights each Thai flavor, especially the ginger and lemongrass. The vegetables in the soup are a little sparse – you get a few carrots, shiitake mushrooms,  sweet potatoes, onions, and green beans. Because of this, I added another cup of vegetables from my refrigerator. I also served the soup with brown rice, which is great for dipping in the broth. The broth would also go well over noodles, and next time I make it, I think I’ll thrown in some soba or rice noodles.

There is one drawback – one can is $3.79, which to me seems outrageous for a canned soup. Although I will admit, I don’t mind supporting Amy’s because they are one of the few larger organic chains that is still privately-held, unlike Honest Tea and Kashi who are now owned by Coca-Cola and the Kellogg Company. You can get a small discount if you order the cans in bulk on Amazon, a 12-pack costs $37.83.

Also, just to make you aware, we were not compensated in any way for this post. We really, really just like this soup and wanted to share it with our readers!



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