Asians Love to Skinny Dip

Pot stickers, shumai, sushi and spring rolls. What do all of these Asian staples have in common? You dip them in sauce!

We dip plenty of things here in America too, but you can already guess where this post is going. When we dip things in America, we’re usually dipping deep-fried chicken tenders in barbecue sauce, or healthy carrots in fatty ranch sauce, or God forbid, buffalo wings in blue cheese. Meanwhile, in Asia, they’re mostly dipping things into some variation of soy sauce or possibly a miso dressing, and most of their dips have very little added fat. When it does have added fat, it’s usually just a splash of sesame oil for flavor, not the base of the sauce itself.

The result is that they end up lightly dipping their food into healthy sauces that are heavy on seasonings and light on calories. How can this nugget of trivia help you become Asian skinny? Be a smarter dipper!

Dipping sauces are like pasta sauces – the whiter they are, the worse they probably are for you. Also, if a sauce is sweet, it didn’t get that way without a whole lot of sugar. So go for tangy (lime, lemon flavors), salty or spicy sauces. If it’s sweet or rich, it’s sure to ruin your diet. All the carrots in the world won’t do you a bit of good if you’re drowning them in mayonnaise based sauces before you’ve even begun your real meal.

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