Review of Amy’s Organic Tom Kha Soup

Amy’s Organic Tom Kha Soup

Tom Kha is a spicy, coconut-based Thai soup. It’s a classic Thai soup with all the quintessential Thai flavors, but unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to make at home unless you have time for a lot of trial runs. We’ve attempted this soup at home a few times, but we were never able to produce anything close to what we’d get at our favorite Thai eateries. So, we were happy to stumble upon a can of Amy’s Organic Tom Kha at our local grocery store and picked up a few to try. Continue reading

New Korea Restaurant in Marina, CA – our review

Delicious bibimbap!

We were down in Monterey, California last week and craving some Korean food. Since we moved to Santa Cruz, we haven’t had access to all the wonderful, authentic Korean restaurants and grocery stores that were available to us in San Jose. Needless to say, we were happy to stumble upon New Korea Restaurant, a little gem tucked away in Marina about 10 miles north of Monterey. Continue reading

Kimchi Fried Rice – a healthy, vegetarian fried rice

Kimchi Fried Rice - the best kind!

Considering how much rice and kimchi we have in the house, we don’t make kimchi fried rice nearly as often as we should. It’s definitely one of our favorite fried rice recipes! Fried rice is a dish that seems exotic, but it’s actually really easy to make at home. Today, when we found some nice broccolini at the farmer’s market, we decided to make a simple vegetarian kimchi fried rice. Continue reading

Rice Krispies Treats with a green tea twist!

I really wanted to post this recipe closer to St Patrick’s Day, but since there’s always a green-loving holiday around the corner, I thought I’d dedicate this recipe to Earth Day coming up on April 22.

Compared to other desserts, Rice Krispies treats are relatively low in calories, and these green tea rice krispies treats are no different, although they boast numerous other health benefits like a metabolism boost and loads of antioxidants. Many people have caught on to the health benefits of drinking green tea, but matcha green tea powder has a higher concentration of green tea and can be added into many desserts or smoothies. If you want dessert without a lot of calories, I’d suggest these matcha green tea rice krispies!

Matcha (Green Tea) Rice Krispies!

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Miso Soup the Korean way – Doenjang

Doenjang with rice and kimchi

You’re probably most familiar with miso soup from sushi restaurants that serve up a small bowl of the delicious soup before you indulge in sushi, but miso and miso soup (which is fermented soybean paste) plays a big part in Korean cuisine as well. Koreans call their miso soup “doenjang” (pronounced den-johng), and it’s a true nutritional powerhouse. When I was a kid, my mom made doenjang miso soup almost every morning for breakfast, because it’s incredibly nutritious and healthy. It’s much bolder than Japanese miso, kind of like the difference between ketchup and a bold barbecue sauce, although both miso soups retain all the wonderful health benefits of the fermented soybeans.  Continue reading

Sullungtang: Hearty Korean Beef Soup

Been away from the blog for a bit because we were in the middle of a move (hello Santa Cruz!) but we’ll be posting more frequently now that we’re settled. Starting with this recipe post on one of my all-time favorite Korean meals – sullungtang! Sullungtang is the Korean version of beef soup, it’s also a hangover cure!

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Dukbokki, Ramen, and Rabokki : The Ultimate Korean Bachelor Food

Korean Rabokki, a mixture of ramen and dukbokki. Water optional, but recommended

Rabokki (combination of ramen and dukbokki) is the ultimate Korean college/bachelor food. It’s everything that’s wonderful about dukbokki, with the addition of fried ramen noodles. Everyone loves dukbokki, and it’s classic street food in Korea. Rabokki is doubly great because in true bachelor fashion, you simply throw everything into a pot and crank the heat.  Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Korea House in Santa Clara, CA

Gorgeous kimchee bibimbap!

Went out for Korean for the first time in 2012, and found this place at the end of the strip of Korean restaurants on El Camino in Santa Clara. We also found one of the best bibimbap’s we’ve ever had, probably because of the hot stone (cast iron?) bowl that it was served in. Continue reading

Korean Tacos

Korean taco--with pork bulgogi, peppers and stir-fried cabbage

We’ve wanted to post a recipe for Korean tacos for a long time. If you’re at all familiar with trendy foods in California, you’ll know that Korean taco trucks (sometimes called Kogi or Gogi Tacos)have been making their rounds around these parts for years. The Bay Area has a few Korean taco trucks, but the best ones are apparently in L.A. so we decided to have a few friends over (thanks Clay and Kelly!) and try making some fusion Korean tacos ourselves. Continue reading