Easy Pad Thai Recipe

Mmmm pad thai. We hit up the Thai place down the street at least a couple times a week for pad thai, so we decided to finally learn how to make it.

Ingredients for Pad Thai

The hardest part about the recipe may be finding all the ingredients – palm sugar and tamarind paste aren’t exactly American staples. But Amazon seems to have everything you need –

  • Rice noodles (I prefer the really wide variety)
  • 2 eggs
  • Green onions
  • Mung bean sprouts
  • A carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Tamarind paste
  • Palm sugar (probably ok to use brown sugar)
  • Fish sauce


Chopped veggies for Pad Thai

Once you have the ingredients, it’s a pretty basic stir-fry recipe. Get all of your veggies prepped, rub that carrot on a cheese grater, and break up the palm sugar if that’s what you’re using.

I usually cook the eggs separately and then add them to the stir-fry later.

For the pad thai sauce – combine 1/2 cup fish sauce with 1/4 tamarind paste and 1/4 palm sugar or brown sugar. You’ll want to mess with the proportions a bit according to your taste, but that’s a good starting point. Heat all of the sauce ingredients on low heat until the sugar’s dissolved and you have a slightly syrupy sauce.

Cook the rice noodles separately in boiling water for about five minutes. Then start stir-frying the veggies that take a little longer (for me, it was just the broccoli). Then add the noodles…

And the other quick cooking veggies like green onions, carrots and sprouts. Some places don’t even cook the sprouts and serve them on top of the pad thai plain, but I like them slightly cooked.

Crank the heat, and stir everything up. Add the sauce, toss it around and you’re done. Add a tablespoon or two of chili garlic sauce if you want a spicy pad thai.

Easy Pad Thai!

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