Korean Tacos

Korean taco--with pork bulgogi, peppers and stir-fried cabbage

We’ve wanted to post a recipe for Korean tacos for a long time. If you’re at all familiar with trendy foods in California, you’ll know that Korean taco trucks (sometimes called Kogi or Gogi Tacos)have been making their rounds around these parts for years. The Bay Area has a few Korean taco trucks, but the best ones are apparently in L.A. so we decided to have a few friends over (thanks Clay and Kelly!) and try making some fusion Korean tacos ourselves.

Fillings for Korean tacos-stir-fried cabbage, sauteed soybean sprouts, and peppers

Since this was an experimental dinner, we cooked up a trio of veggie toppings to dress our Korean tacos with – stir fried bell peppers, traditional korean soybean sprouts, and some stir-fried cabbage. Kimchi was discussed and some may be appalled that we left it out, but we were working with milder palettes that night and wanted to keep the tacos mild. Also, the idea of a sour fermented cabbage note in tacos can’t be for everyone, right?

Korean tacos

Tortillas were another place were we had a tough choice – seems like everyone in California is all about the corn tortillas, but I always personally preferred flour tortillas so we went with Trader Joe’s handmade flour tortillas and also their wheat/corn tortillas for the tacos.

Great with sriracha sauce!

Little sriracha for those who like it really spicy, and we also served up a little cholula for those guests more in the mood for a Mexican hot kick. The tacos definitely needed some sort of red sauce.

Korean tacos with all the fillings

And since we were doing Korean tacos, we had to throw in some obligatory green onions.

We tried three different types of protein mains – bulgogi, spicy pork bulgogi, and spicy tofu. Recipes for all of the above, including the vegetable toppings will be posted this week. Bottom line – not a bad first attempt! We’re still looking for some kind of salsa/beany/sauce thing to bring it all together. All in all, the Korean tacos turned out well, and next time we make Korean tacos, we may try them with a little kimchi.

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