Restaurant Review: Korea House in Santa Clara, CA

Gorgeous kimchee bibimbap!

Went out for Korean for the first time in 2012, and found this place at the end of the strip of Korean restaurants on El Camino in Santa Clara. We also found one of the best bibimbap’s we’ve ever had, probably because of the hot stone (cast iron?) bowl that it was served in.

Japchae-Korean stir-fried noodles

It all started with some complimentary japchae – really delicious.

Banchan-potatoes, radish kimchee, cucumbers in a vinaigrette

Enjoyed the banchan quite a pit as well – the potatoes definitely weren’t overcooked as they usually are.

Tofu banchan-steamed tofu with spicy soy sauce

Huge, thickly-sliced tofu banchan was also delicious.

Kimchee and Korean salad

Fish cake banchan, a little spicy and a little sweet

Gorgeous kimchee bibimbap!

The kimchee bibimbap was what really blew me away – the rice gets unbelievably crispy on the hot iron looking bowls they serve it in, which, by the way never actually cooled down enough to touch. I think it was these bowls that gave the bibimbap this smoky taste that you only get from well aged cast-iron skillets.

Yookaejang-Spicy Beef Soup, it tastes better than it photographs!

The yukgaejang wasn’t the prettiest I’ve seen, but it was also really tasty.

Freshly mixed bibimbap

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Korea House in Santa Clara, CA

  1. Hey! I’m in the bay area and this looks delicious. My best friend is Korean so I grew up with all this and have just rediscovered my appreciation for it. What restaurant is this in Santa Clara? My boyfriend lives in SJ and I’ve been craving a new place. Have you tried Bobs off automall?

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