New Korea Restaurant in Marina, CA – our review

Delicious bibimbap!

We were down in Monterey, California last week and craving some Korean food. Since we moved to Santa Cruz, we haven’t had access to all the wonderful, authentic Korean restaurants and grocery stores that were available to us in San Jose. Needless to say, we were happy to stumble upon New Korea Restaurant, a little gem tucked away in Marina about 10 miles north of Monterey. Continue reading

Cooking on a budget asianskinny style

How can you cook healthy asian cuisine if you don’t have the money (or time) to prepare authentic meals? If you’re cooking on a budget, which ingredients should you use? What are some healthy and cheap recipes?
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Chopstick Your Way to a Flat Belly

Korean Appetizers (banchan)

My mother-in-law could set a world record for the amount of time she takes to eat a meal. She chews each and every bite like forty times, it is really incredible. I asked her once why she eats so slowly, and she looked quite confused and repeated the question, “Why do I eat slowly?” The question came as such a surprise, she had never considered herself a slow eater or even put any thought into her pace of eating. She had a simple explanation– she just likes to relax when she eats. I thought that was a simple and perfect response. Until a few years ago, the only time I took more than five minutes to eat was when I was on a date. Until I met Hagana, relaxation and food were diametrically opposed in my life. My fiancé and his family taught me how to slow down and enjoy every delicious bite of each meal.

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You are what your servers look like

Eating out at restaurants can wreak havoc on your diet. I’ve read countless Shape and Women’s Health articles on the hazards of restaurant foods to your weight loss plan (who hasn’t?). These articles claim that if you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid just about any restaurant because of the added oil and deep-fried nature of many restaurant foods. I disagree, it’s obvious these researchers haven’t tested authentic Korean, Japanese, or Vietnamese restaurants. My idea of a good restaurant is a mom-and-pop Korean tofu house or a crowded Vietnamese noodle soup place, so I am essentially eating home-cooked food every time I eat out. Continue reading