Korean Tacos

Korean taco--with pork bulgogi, peppers and stir-fried cabbage

We’ve wanted to post a recipe for Korean tacos for a long time. If you’re at all familiar with trendy foods in California, you’ll know that Korean taco trucks (sometimes called Kogi or Gogi Tacos)have been making their rounds around these parts for years. The Bay Area has a few Korean taco trucks, but the best ones are apparently in L.A. so we decided to have a few friends over (thanks Clay and Kelly!) and try making some fusion Korean tacos ourselves. Continue reading

Review: Trader Joe’s Pre-marinated “Bool Kogi”

Trader Joe's Korean Bulgogi

Our friend Jenny over at Fitness Health and Food gave us the idea to review some popular Asian products from Trader Joe’s so we decided to start with their Korean “Bool Kogi.” Bulgogi is Korean marinated beef in a teriyaki-type sweet and savory sauce. We just did a recipe for the authentic from-scratch stuff yesterday.  Continue reading

Recipe: Korean Barbeque, Bulgogi

Korean Barbeque, "Bulgogi"

We’re designating this week bulgogi week! It’s my law school buddy Ben’s all-time favorite Korean dish and we used to go to St. Louis’ only decent Korean restaurant all the time to get this stuff. I know he wanted a way to make it at home back then, so here goes the basic recipe. Continue reading

Restaurant Spotlight: Norbu

Norbu is a Korean-Japanese restaurant located in Santa Clara, California, although I personally haven’t seen the Japanese influence in their food. It’s smack dab in the middle of Koreatown but in my opinion is a head above all the other restaurants in the area. It’s authentic, “country” Korean comfort food at its best. Norbu is remarkable mostly because it somehow packs three days’ worth of vegetables into one meal.

Assortment of banchan at Norbu

Continue reading