Dukbokki, Ramen, and Rabokki : The Ultimate Korean Bachelor Food

Korean Rabokki, a mixture of ramen and dukbokki. Water optional, but recommended

Rabokki (combination of ramen and dukbokki) is the ultimate Korean college/bachelor food. It’s everything that’s wonderful about dukbokki, with the addition of fried ramen noodles. Everyone loves dukbokki, and it’s classic street food in Korea. Rabokki is doubly great because in true bachelor fashion, you simply throw everything into a pot and crank the heat.  Continue reading

Recipe: Dukbokki – Spicy stir-fried rice cakes

Spicy Korean Rice Cakes

Korean spicy rice cakes, "Dukbokki"

Dukbokki might very well be my all-time favorite food. It was certainly my favorite as a kid in Korea, and I still love it more than just about anything (fried chicken is the only thing that comes close). Continue reading