Restaurant Review: Korea House in Santa Clara, CA

Gorgeous kimchee bibimbap!

Went out for Korean for the first time in 2012, and found this place at the end of the strip of Korean restaurants on El Camino in Santa Clara. We also found one of the best bibimbap’s we’ve ever had, probably because of the hot stone (cast iron?) bowl that it was served in. Continue reading

Korean Tacos

Korean taco--with pork bulgogi, peppers and stir-fried cabbage

We’ve wanted to post a recipe for Korean tacos for a long time. If you’re at all familiar with trendy foods in California, you’ll know that Korean taco trucks (sometimes called Kogi or Gogi Tacos)have been making their rounds around these parts for years. The Bay Area has a few Korean taco trucks, but the best ones are apparently in L.A. so we decided to have a few friends over (thanks Clay and Kelly!) and try making some fusion Korean tacos ourselves. Continue reading

Cooking on a budget asianskinny style

How can you cook healthy asian cuisine if you don’t have the money (or time) to prepare authentic meals? If you’re cooking on a budget, which ingredients should you use? What are some healthy and cheap recipes?
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Restaurant Spotlight: Chosun Myun Oak in Santa Clara, CA

Korean bibimbap in a stone bowl, "Dolsot Bibimbap"

Callie was in the mood for bibimbap and for trying out a new Korean restaurant last week, so we decided to check out Chosun Myun-Oak – a hard-to-find place that Yelp told us was always full of Koreans eating hearty soups and stews. Continue reading

Korean Seafood Pancake (Haemul Pajeon) – Korean Pancakes

Go to a Korean restaurant at a busy time and you’re likely to see at least a few tables ordering the Korean seafood pancake, also known as haemul pajeon, as an appetizer because it is one of the most universally loved and easy to share Korean foods. Pajeon comes in many different flavors and varieties, Callie really likes pajeon with kimchi. It can be presented either pre-sliced or whole, like a pizza. This is definitely an interesting Korean dish with tons of flavor, and when you make it, you should make plenty!

Korean Seafood Pancake

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Fun Korean Photos – Summary of our Trip

I had to make a quick trip to Korea last week so it was tough to get posts up from internet cafes that only have Internet Explorer, but I brought back plenty of pictures!

One of my favorite parts about being in Seoul is that you can walk into just about any restaurant in the city center and be assured of a great meal. Although restaurant chains have started to make an appearance, the Korean restaurant scene is still largely dominated by sole proprietor family restaurants that serve food the same way they’ve been serving food for decades. Not surprising, then, that even when you go to a barbecue restaurant with the express purpose of satisfying your carnivorous desires, you’re still served a ton of veggies in various forms to balance out the meal. My first meal back was pork rib barbecue, where the pork rib is cut in a butterfly pattern so that it can be rolled out in a thin layer and quickly grilled at the table. Continue reading

Can’t find a decent Korean restaurant nearby? Try Trader Joe’s!

Korean bibimbap (mixed rice with vegetables) from Trader Joe's

Korean food isn’t as ubiquitous as Chinese takeout restaurants, so authentic Korean food (or even an international grocery store) may not be accessible for some of you. So, Hags and I have been looking for some introductory Korean food available at more mainstream grocery stores. We were happy to discover frozen Korean bibimbap at Trader Joe’s last week! Continue reading

Review: Trader Joe’s Pre-marinated “Bool Kogi”

Trader Joe's Korean Bulgogi

Our friend Jenny over at Fitness Health and Food gave us the idea to review some popular Asian products from Trader Joe’s so we decided to start with their Korean “Bool Kogi.” Bulgogi is Korean marinated beef in a teriyaki-type sweet and savory sauce. We just did a recipe for the authentic from-scratch stuff yesterday.  Continue reading

Recipe: Korean Barbeque, Bulgogi

Korean Barbeque, "Bulgogi"

We’re designating this week bulgogi week! It’s my law school buddy Ben’s all-time favorite Korean dish and we used to go to St. Louis’ only decent Korean restaurant all the time to get this stuff. I know he wanted a way to make it at home back then, so here goes the basic recipe. Continue reading