Kimchi Fried Rice – a healthy, vegetarian fried rice

Kimchi Fried Rice - the best kind!

Considering how much rice and kimchi we have in the house, we don’t make kimchi fried rice nearly as often as we should. It’s definitely one of our favorite fried rice recipes! Fried rice is a dish that seems exotic, but it’s actually really easy to make at home. Today, when we found some nice broccolini at the farmer’s market, we decided to make a simple vegetarian kimchi fried rice. Continue reading

Recipe: Dukbokki – Spicy stir-fried rice cakes

Spicy Korean Rice Cakes

Korean spicy rice cakes, "Dukbokki"

Dukbokki might very well be my all-time favorite food. It was certainly my favorite as a kid in Korea, and I still love it more than just about anything (fried chicken is the only thing that comes close). Continue reading

Kimbap – Healthy Korean Sushi

Vegetable Kimbap

Sushi in America is starting to go the way of Chinese food – more and more fat and sodium are finding their ways into rolls because it better fits the American palette. When sushi was first gaining in popularity, there was still a dietary stigma against eating raw fish, and most of the rolls in those days were based on raw salmon and tuna. Nowadays, you might be hard pressed to find a sushi roll on a Japanese menu without something either deep-fried or smothered in syrupy eel sauce or spicy mayonnaise. Continue reading