Dukbokki, Ramen, and Rabokki : The Ultimate Korean Bachelor Food

Korean Rabokki, a mixture of ramen and dukbokki. Water optional, but recommended

Rabokki (combination of ramen and dukbokki) is the ultimate Korean college/bachelor food. It’s everything that’s wonderful about dukbokki, with the addition of fried ramen noodles. Everyone loves dukbokki, and it’s classic street food in Korea. Rabokki is doubly great because in true bachelor fashion, you simply throw everything into a pot and crank the heat. 

Ingredients for Rabokki

These are the ingredients I had on hand (no onions or bell peppers this time – classic dukbokki recipe here.

  • 3 cups water or chicken broth
  • rice cakes
  • fish cakes
  • few green onions
  • 4 T red pepper paste
  • 2 T sugar
  • hard boiled egg
  • sesame seeds
  • and of course, ramen!

Shin Ramen- MSG free!

There’s probably a statistic out there showing that Shin Ramen is the most popular korean brand of ramen noodles. They just started selling this “black” label shin ramen without msg, so of course I grabbed the “family pack.” Callie is allergic to msg, so she was pleasantly surprised when I brought these home!

Fish cakes and rice cakes (duk) cooking in soy sauce and water

Dukbokki is a very simple creature – throw everything into a pot, and heat. Doesn’t look so promising at first…

Spicy dukbokki

But it starts looking good really fast… I actually put the ramen noodles in towards the end, with about five minutes left to cook. Green onions always go in towards the end as well.

Finished Rabokki!

There’s nothing fancy or tricky about this recipe, just throw it in a pot and go. Rabokki is simple, easy, and super delicious just like it’s ancestor, dukbokki. This could easily be a crock pot recipe, except it cooks in about 15 minutes so what’s the point, right?

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4 thoughts on “Dukbokki, Ramen, and Rabokki : The Ultimate Korean Bachelor Food

  1. No MSG??? why??? MSG is awesome. Nothing bad about it unless it makes you feel strange in the head – it’s no different than having allergies to good food. If you don’t have the allergy, indulge and love it.

  2. Hi Doruk! I know, I know, MSG makes everything taste great. It tastes great to me too, but unfortunately I’m in the minority that has an adverse reaction to MSG so I try to avoid it.

    I haven’t had it yet but you should try Shin ramen Black – Hags loves it, he says it’s a milkier broth.

    • Hi! I would just leave them out. Lots of dukbokkis don’t include the fish cakes. It’ll be delicious without! If you’re looking for more protein, you could add firm tofu to the mix. Thanks for visiting!

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